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The perfect company does not exist. Merrano believes that every organization still has untapped potential that needs to be addressed in a flexible way. In order to be sustainable, companies need to evolve together with a changing society. Our goal is to search for ways to improve your company’s efficiency and performance. We do this by holding on to our vision and acting accordingly. Having empathy with our clients and a passion for our profession are the basic conditions for creating added value.

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A strong company is never satisfied and neither are we. To outperform the competition, your company needs to excel in innovation and execution. That’s how you create added value for each stakeholder. Merrano specializes in identifying your organization’s weak spots and drawing up a route to sustainable, profitable growth in the top line, the bottom line and over time. The way this growth is achieved can be multi-dimensional: through using your assets in a different / better way, through innovation, through the disposal of underperforming assets or through acquisition.


Merrano gives advice on a management level to guide you in making the right decisions. The challenges your company faces – today or in the future – will always imply change. These changes will be reflected on every level and can be multi-dimensional. Therefore, we thoroughly analyse your company’s systems, processes, culture, people and structures in all departments. Each individual aspect functions like a gear in the greater ‘machine’. To achieve optimal results, the machine needs to be attuned by aligning all activities.


Stimulating your company’s sustainability can contribute to shareholder value on different levels. Sustainable practices have been proven to lead to profitability, growth and success. In order to develop sustainable activities, three core elements must be in balance: people, process and environment. Merrano is dedicated to optimizing each of these aspects in order to increase added value.


We do not see ourselves as consultants. We are entrepreneurs, helping your company by offering you an outside view that is not biased by business blindness. Our extensive experience in strategy, implementation, control and improvement processes will help you in reaching your ambitions. Together with you we challenge your company by asking the right questions. Defining and implementing the right strategies for change will lift you and your brand.

Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value. - Albert Einstein

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Merrano fulfils its mission as a part of the Brandhome group: An ecosystem of brands ensuring profitable growth.

Every brand within the group approaches this mission from another perspective, but with the same mind-set: We’re building a brand so we can build your brand.

Merrano lifts you(r company)

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